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NVLET does not offer financial aid (FAFSA), the GI Bill, scholarships or grants.

NVLET recognizes that there may be certain situations in which our students are unable to pay in full for their tuition and are unable to use credit or secure a loan.  For these students, NVLET has structured the following in-house financing options:

All options require $1000 down payment unless paying in full.

Option 1:

No financing required- student is paying in full.  Total paid:  $8900

Option 2:

12 Month Financing-This program requires 11 installments of $575.00. Interest is paid  with this option on the 12th payment of $2,575.00.  Total cost: $9,900.*

Option 3:

24 Month Financing-This program requires 22 installments of $288.00. Interest is paid with this option on the 12th and 24th payment of $2,288.00.  Total cost: $10,900.*

Option 4:

Pay as you go- $1000 down payment with weekly payments of $349.00 OR Pay as you go- $1000 down payment with monthly payments of $1,275.00

Check, cash or credit card payment is due the first class day of each week/month.

*For financing options 2 and 3, payments are due by the 1st of each month.  Late payments will be charged a fee of $25 per day. All payment plans require a primary and secondary method of payment. If your bank or credit card information changes, we require this new information in writing, 2 weeks before your account is to be billed.

Should your account become delinquent beyond 30 days, we reserve the right to expel you and hand your account over to collections. You are financially responsible for any fees incurred by NVLET associated with the procuring of legal assistance, court costs, etc. to obtain your delinquent payments.

Class Sizes:

NVLET can accommodate up to 12 students at any given time. Should the maximum number of students occupy a course; prospective students will need to wait until the next available course in which the number of students is reduced. NVLET will not begin a new course with less than three students enrolled.

Faculty Availability After Hours:

All students will have access to instructors via email outside regularly scheduled class hours.

Room and Board:

NVLET does not offer room and board.

Classroom Equipment:

NVLET is a single classroom with an esthetics lab furnished with modern esthetics equipment to include facial beds, trolleys, esthetics tools, professional skin care products and esthetic machines. Everything needed to perform the functions of an esthetician is available to the student to ensure their success.

Students are provided with supplies and equipment in addition to classroom equipment that will be needed to complete each course. Students will be given a list of student supplies and equipment at orientation. Supplies and equipment along with textbooks and online learning system are included in the student’s tuition.

NVLET is not responsible for student’s equipment, text books, and supplies.  Broken, malfunctioning, or missing items must be fixed/replaced at the student’s expense.

Classroom Resources:

Reference books and text books and esthetic magazines are available in the classroom for student use. These books are to remain on school property. Lockers are provided to students for storage purposes, but locks are the student’s responsibility. A refrigerator and microwave are provided for student use but is the student’s responsibility to keep those appliances clean.  Material Safety Data Sheets and Fire Safety References are also available to students.

Curriculum Improvements:

Curriculum developed by NVLET is self and student reviewed and evaluated yearly to ensure we offer the best programs and remain up to date relative to the current trends and practices in the fields. NVLET uses comments and suggestions made by students as well as instructors to improve the curriculum.

Lab and Clinic Requirements:

Students must complete the practical performances in the school clinic. Students are required to complete practical performances.

Online Learning Requirements:

Students must complete the online course requirements using the provided online learning management program, MindTap. Online courses will be assigned to students with a start and end date. Online courses are to be completed at home. (see course descriptions)