Policies for Certified Laser Aesthetician

Policies & Procedures

right_img2Northern Virginia Laser and Esthetics Training (NVLET) currently offers a 40-hour CLA Laser Hair Removal course certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.


  • The student will come to class on time, participate and stay for the duration unless other arrangements have be approved by the Principal. In addition, the student will make every effort to complete this program in its entirety.
  • The student will be respectful of others in training and will avoid critical remarks toward students, faculty and guests.
  • The student will refrain from inappropriate comments, jokes, conversation and/or foul language.

Notice: Provisions for the operation of lasers and laser devices vary by state. The Board of Medicine and/or Radiation Board may govern the number of hours required in order to operate a laser and/or who in particular, may use them altogether. Inquire what your state, local and medical requirements are before submitting your application for training. Please visit our link for state regulations.


Student Interaction

8VAC 40-31-150 (C)(2)
Any questions relating to laser instruction and protocol, business and industry standards are welcomed and encouraged during instruction. For any and all other questions, students are welcome to meet with the instructor privately during break and before or after class.

As always, on-going support and counsel is offered to all NVLET graduates and is considered part of the tuition fee.


Student Grievance

8VAC 40-31-160 (0)(5)
If any student should have complaints or concerns regarding NVLET: Please address these in written form to the principal and/or lead instructor. Should students need additional support for these concerns, please send written notice to:

James Monroe Building
101 North Fourteenth St.
9th Floor
Richmond, Va. 23219
804.225.2600 (O)
804.225.2604 (F)

Credit Transfer
8VAC 40.31.160 (D) (2)


Transfer Credits

NVLET does not accept transfer credits from any other institutions. Transfer credits from our program to another is left at the sole discretion of the accepting institution.

Notice: NVLET may expel any student who fails to adhere to the policies stated above. The college reserves the right to be the sole judge of student conduct. Dismissal of the student will result in a 50% refund if the student attended class for up to one day. Expulsions after the first day will not be refunded. All expulsions will result in the forfeit of ones’ CLA certificate.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course of training by the student and upon fulfillment of the terms of this agreement, the college will issue a diploma/certificate of completion as a Certified Laser Aesthetician.

“this pertains for Laser Aesthetician students only.”