Meet Our Trainers

My name is Margaret Kleber and I am the principal of NVLET. After majoring in nursing at George Mason University, I decided to become an educator and ended up teaching Special Education in public schools for over 6 years. While teaching full time, I completed my Master’s in Education from the University of Virginia and also became the mother of two wonderful little boys…I’m now have a beautiful little girl and 4 beautiful step-daughters as well.

Though I enjoyed my career as a teacher, I longed to do something on my own that would combine my love of people with my interest in science. While going back to nursing seemed to fit this desire, I really wanted to work for myself. That’s what led me to opening my own laser hair removal and laser skin care business, Rejuvalase MedSpa in Stafford, Virginia; it’s a wonderful combination of people, medicine, and entrepreneurship.

After a year in business, I realized, finding skilled laser technicians was a rarity and for a commonwealth known for education, this area certainly was lacking.  It was at this time that I wrote and submitted Virginia’s first program for laser aesthetics training.  Since this time, we’ve seen hundreds of graduates go on to open their own business or gain success working in spas and medical facilities.

I’ve had the amazing experience of traveling both nationally and internationally training and educating others in laser aesthetics and safety.  Calls from physicians, dentists, entrepreneurs, spas, and schools, have allowed NVLET opportunities to take our laser program abroad.

In February 2008, I spoke in front of Virginia’s medical board as part of the state’s laser aesthetic committee which is responsible for writing Virginia’s first laser operator bill. The bill will mandate training and certification for all laser operators. This is the same training and certification offered through the CLA program at NVLET.

With experience as both an educator and business woman, I’m blessed with the good fortune of doing what I love and seeing our school expand over the years.  I hope you will trust us to help launch this same success for you.



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Laser Aesthetics Instructor Amber has been a laser practitioner for many years. Her background includes a trainer for nursing home safety and compliance and a medical assistant. Amber is a mother and a military wife. She majored in business and has many strengths that bring professionalism to her work. All of these skills have given her 10 years in the medical environment. 
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